Costed Implementation Plan Resource Kit


When country governments are strategic and efficient in investing their limited resources to meet the growing demand for family planning, they are more likely to achieve their family planning goals--goals that will help save millions of lives and improve the health and well-being of women, families, and communities around the world. A costed implementation plan (CIP) is a multi-year actionable roadmap designed to help governments plan and meet these important goals.

Costed Implementation Plan Resource Kit

The Costed Implementation Plan (CIP) Resource Kit, published on the Family Planning 2020 (FP2020) website, features tools for developing and executing a robust, actionable, and resourced family planning strategy. Developed by K4Health, FP2020, the USAID-funded Health Policy Plus (HP+), and other partners, the site consolidated practical experiences and lessons learned from early CIP adopters to help countries accelerate progress toward family planning goals. The CIP Resource Kit features guidance documents, tools, and best practices to assist program planners, ministry representatives, and technical assistance providers to go through the CIP process.

The CIP Resource Kit can be used at any point in the development or implementation of a national family planning strategy to accelerate progress on achieving a country’s goals. Select resources may be applied to:

  • Educate stakeholders and decision-makers and increase buy-in
  • Delve into technical strategy development to map progress toward goal achievement
  • Determine the cost of a new or existing strategy and identify resource gaps
  • Refine an existing strategy to achieve more efficiency and effectiveness
  • Put processes in place to improve implementation and monitoring of existing plans

The site was originally launched in 2015, and tools were based on the experiences of a handful of countries. Since then, CIPs have been implemented in more than 15 additional countries, and we have gained further knowledge about development, execution, and monitoring of CIPs. K4Health and HP+ are now publishing a new set of tools on the CIP Resource Kit, based on this new knowledge.