• Comprehensive implementation plan on maternal, infant and young child nutrition

    The implementation plan aims to alleviate the double burden of malnutrition in children,starting from the earliest stages of development. Substantial benefits can be obtained by concentrating efforts from conception through the first two years of life, but at the same time a life-course approach needs to be considered so that good nutritional status can be maintained. It includes targets and action plans for each target for the Secretariat, Member States and international partners.
  • Global nutrition monitoring framework: Operational guidance for tracking progress in meeting targets for 2025

    This operational guidance document aims to help Member States to report on the Global Nutrition Monitoring Framework (GNMF) indicators to monitor progress in meeting the nutrition targets for 2025. The document outlines the key aspects of how to operationalize the GNMF indicators at national level. For all indicators, step-by-step description has been provided on the indicator definition, method of estimation, data availability, data sources, data collection frequency, and guidance on data collection and reporting.