• Global Reproductive Health Diaries

    Global Reproductive Health Diaries presents the stories of real women in India, Ivory Coast, China, the USA, and Guatemala, illustrating the need for multipurpose prevention technologies.

  • MPTs for Reproductive Health

    Multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs) are defined and described in this fact sheet, which also explains how these technologies could save lives by combining family planning and prevention of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

  • A Pocket Guide to Thinking about Gender & Vaginal Microbicides in South Africa

    FHI 360 and Sonke Gender Justice conducted a gender analysis in South Africa to identify gender-related barriers and opportunities to women’s microbicide access and use and to make recommendations for addressing those barriers. This pocket card, created with input from the South African National AIDS Council (SANAC) Men’s and Women’s sectors, is designed to build support for a gender-integrated microbicides rollout among community members and policy makers.

  • HIV Prevention for Women in Kenya: An Advocacy Guide for Gender-Sensitive Microbicide Introduction

    Based on findings from a gender analysis in Kenya, these advocacy tools can be used to raise awareness of key gender issues that need to be addressed in planning for microbicide introduction in Kenya. The guide includes: (1) a summary of gender issues that will affect women’s microbicide access and use; (2) guidance for policymakers and program designers on developing a gender-transformative microbicide introduction program; and (3) three case studies that nongovernmental organizations and other advocates in the community can use to generate discussion about microbicides.

  • The Rectal Revolution is Here - Video and Facilitator's Guide

    “The Rectal Revolution is Here: An Introduction to Rectal Microbicide Clinical Trials,” is designed to educate communities affected by HIV about the development of rectal microbicides and the importance of participating in clinical trials to speed the search for new HIV prevention methods. Produced by Paw Print Productions of Cape Town, South Africa, the video is available for viewing on YouTube in English, Spanish, and Thai. A facilitator's guide is also available in English, Spanish, and Thai.

  • On the Map: Ensuring Africa’s Place in Rectal Microbicide Research and Advocacy

    This is a 29-page report on a strategy development meeting, hosted by International Rectal Microbicide Advocates in December 2011 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The meeting brought together African stakeholders and allies representing a wide array of perspectives, experiences, and regions to develop action steps for an African rectal microbicide research and advocacy agenda. The group prioritized seven key action areas.