Climate Change

  • Women's Organizations and Climate Finance: Engaging in Processes and Accessing Resources

    Climate finance should flow to women’s organizations, gender-related groups, and feminist organizations working at the intersection of gender equality and climate change.

    Efforts toward enhanced gender-responsiveness of climate finance must include the groups, organizations, and networks best positioned to realize gender equality on the ground, contributing to more robust climate solutions and outcomes. These truths are undeniable, but we know that practice has not yet caught up to the ideal.

  • Climate Change Solutions: Empowering Women and Girls through Reproductive Choice

    The realisation of the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of women and girls and the advancement of gender equality are linked to sustainable population and climate change in many ways. It is well documented that women and girls are most affected by climate vulnerability, and that their reproductive health and rights are negatively impacted by climate change. Providing reproductive choice to women and girls can improve the health and resilience of women and their communities, enhancing their ability to prepare for and adapt to climate change.