community linkages

  • Best Start Community Breastfeeding Project

    This webpage outlines the outcomes of the Best Start Community Breastfeeding Project funded as part of a comprehensive strategy to combat child obesity in Ontario, Canada. The page includes resources and  links to case studies of community initiatives funded by the three-year project (2013-2016). 

  • Breastfeeding counseling: a training course

    This course is designed to provide health workers with the skills needed to support mothers and their children to breastfeed optimally. It includes guides for the course director and trainers, a participant’s manual, a booklet with overhead figures, a slide book and annexes.

  • Kenya Baby-friendly Community Initiative Implementation Guidelines

    The BFCI implementation guidelines has been developed to operationalize MIYCN policy whose aim is to protect, promote,and support optimal maternal, infant, and young child feeding practices, and improve child survival. These guidelines will also actualize the National Nutrition Action Plan (NNAP) and County Nutrition Action Plans (CNAP).