HIV and gender

  • Engaging Male Partners in Women's Microbicide Use: Evidence and Recommendations

    Vaginal microbicides are considered a groundbreaking HIV prevention tool because women can initiate their use, but male partners have played an important role in product acceptability and adherence to study regimens in clinical trials. This document synthesizes the evidence on men’s roles in women’s use of microbicides in clinical trials and makes recommendations for engaging male partners in future microbicide research and product introduction.

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    Literature Review - Male Norms and HIV Risk Behaviors in Ethiopia

    This review explores possible linkages between social expectations attached to being a “real” man and the spread of HIV. It describes how prevailing norms and views of manhood might contribute to risk behaviors and reinforce gender inequalities.

  • SAfAIDS Zambia Gender and HIV Policy Brief


    This policy brief examines the policy landscape for mitigating the impact of HIV on women and girls in Zambia. It provides an overview of the National Plan of Action on Women, Girls and HIV and AIDS,  considers the challenges and opportunities in the HIV response for women and girls, and provides recommendations for policy makers.