• Meeting Report: Stakeholder Consultation on MTN–042

    The Microbicide Trials Network (MTN), in partnership with AVAC, held a consultation with key stakeholders in Johannesburg, South Africa, from April 5–6, 2018, to hear their views about the design and objectives of the MTN–042 study and to seek their opinions about specific aspects of the study. Held as part of the protocol development process, the consultation was timed so that stakeholder feedback could then be considered at a meeting of the team developing the MTN–042 study protocol.

  • The DELIVER and B-PROTECTED Studies: Preventing HIV in Pregnant and Breastfeeding

    Knowing whether daily oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and use of the monthly dapivirine ring are safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding is vitally important. This fact sheet provides background on two studies that will address these questions.

  • MTN–042 – DELIVER

    Links are provided to information about the DELIVER study, which is evaluating the safety and acceptability of the use of a monthly dapivirine ring or a daily antiretroviral pill (FTC/TDF, or Truvada) during pregnancy.