study design

  • Research Ethics in Action

    This webpage describes various approaches to putting into practice laws and guidelines on the ethical conduct of research. The approaches include informed consent, ethics committee reviews, and aspects of study design.

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    FHI 360 Stakeholder Analysis Tool

    Designed by FHI 360, this simple tool is intended to help a research team to identify stakeholders both globally and in-country. The objective is to engage stakeholders around a potential research topic as early as concept development and throughout the research process. Early stakeholder involvement can help make studies more relevant to a particular country or region, thereby increasing the likelihood of research utilization or scale up.

  • FHI 360 Research Utilization Planning Tool

    Designed by FHI 360, this tool is intended to guide discussions within a research team during the development of a study or project concept to facilitate research utilization. Specifically, the discussions prompted by this guide will help the team to: 1) develop and implement strategies to ensure future utilization or scale up of promising results, and 2) identify concrete research utilization milestones to be inserted into the study/project workplan.    These discussions should begin during the concept development phase (prior to protocol development).