• Advocacy Guidance Brief - Skilled Breastfeeding Counselling

    The Collective's Advocacy Guidance Brief on skilled breastfeeding counselling.

    Enabling mothers to access quality breastfeeding counselling will require strong alliances between government, civil society, and health profession associations. Together, we can ensure that health workers have the skills to give every newborn the healthiest possible start in life.

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    AAU Certificate Curriculum Training Manual

    The Certificate Curriculum training manual is composed of 9 different topics. The topics include:

  • Good Participatory Practice Tools

    Developed to help research teams and other stakeholders understand, implement, and monitor the Good Participatory Practice Guidelines, these resources include templates, checklists, and training tools, as well as a link to a four-month online training course about the guidelines.

  • Community Partners Training Materials

    Materials for educating community advisory board members about the clinical research process and their role in it include PowerPoint slides and instructor notes, a participant guide, workshop activities, handouts, and an instructor's guide.