• The Future of ARV-Based Prevention and More

    The pipeline of non-vaccine HIV prevention products includes oral pills, vaginal rings, vaginal and rectal gels, vaginal films, long-acting injectable antiretrovirals, and more. Also pictured in this infographic are the range of multipurpose prevention technologies in development that aim to reduce the risk of HIV and sexually transmitted infections and/or provide effective contraception for women. 

  • Advocacy Guidance Brief - Monitoring

    This is the Collective's Advocacy Guidance Brief on the monitoring the progress of breastfeeding practices, policies, programmes, and funding.

    Governments, policy makers and civil society can help ensure that national and global breastfeeding standards are met by strengthening country-level monitoring of breastfeeding practices, policies, programmes, and funding. Better monitoring and reporting systems are key to improving breastfeeding and health outcomes and to giving all children the healthiest start in life.

  • Advocacy Guidance Brief - Paid leave & Workplace Policies

    This is the Collective's Advocacy Guidance Brief for enacting paid leave and workplace breastfeeding policies.
    Political leaders and employers can improve economic and health outcomes by expanding paid family leave. Advocating for parental leave is advocating for children to have the healthiest possible start to life and to grow up to be stronger, smarter, and more productive. Together, we can ensure all mothers and families have the support they need for optimal health and productivity.
  • Advocacy Guidance Brief - Funding

    This is the Collective's Advocacy Guidance Brief on increasing investment in programmes and policies that protect, promote, and support breastfeeding.

    Breastfeeding is a smart investment that saves lives and benefits the economy. The current global level of investment is not enough to substantially increase and sustain breastfeeding rates. Governments and political leaders should invest in comprehensive strategies and social policies that protect, promote, and support breastfeeding to ensure the health and prosperity of generations to come.

  • The Sino-implant (II) Initiative: Expanded Access to Contraceptive Implants

    From 2007-2018, the Sino-implant (II) initiative was at the forefront of helping to increase access to affordable, high-quality implants in resource-limited settings. By expanding access to a more affordable implant —Sino-implant (II) — the initiative helped increase competition and reduce costs in the implant market. This brief provides an overview of the project and its impact. 
  • Sample Community Health Worker Counseling Training Curriculum (DMPA-IM)

    FHI and IRC Liberia developed these tools along with support from USAID. These tools were used in Liberia to provide curriculum for community health workers counseling. The tools included are a flip book, job aid, presentation slides and a checklist. This curriculum can be adapted for use in other settings. 

  • Community Health Worker Provision of DMPA-SC for Self-Injection

    FHI360 and PATH developed this curriculum with support from USAID. This curriculum for training community health workers to counsel clients on Sayana Press self-injection can be used as a sample curriculum that can be adapted to suit the needs of other programs. This curriculum provides a training checklist and booklet, a training lesson, 2018-2019 calendar handout and a job aid. 


  • Community Health Worker Provision of Injectables for DMPA-SC (Sayana® Press), Including Self-Injection

    This curriculum was developed to assist in the training of community health workers in the use of injectables, subcutaneous DMPA (DMPA-SC, brand name Sayana® Press). This curriculum includes a sample curricula and job aids. 

  • Levoplant Introduction Guide

    This guide was developed to support introduction of the 2-rod implant, Levoplant, also known as Sino-implant (II), at the country level. It was developed based on experience from the transition of Implanon Classic to Nexplanon. To help organize Levoplant introduction planning, countries are encouraged to complete the nine worksheets included in this manual.
  • 2016 / December 14 Meeting Report

    This report summarizes presentations and discussion from the December 14, 2016 Working Group Meeting in Washington, DC.