• Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) Voices

    Ethiopia village elder

    Shek Kasim Kurke, a village elder and religious leader in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia, poses for a picture.



    Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) is a development approach that focuses on the relationship between human health and environmental health. Integrated PHE programs improve primary health care services, particularly family planning and reproductive health, while also helping communities conserve biodiversity, manage natural resources, and develop sustainable livelihoods. Some countries--such as Ethiopia, Madagascar, and the Philippines--have done extensive work in PHE policy and programming, and have powerful stories to tell. Capturing and sharing these stories provides a strong advocacy tool for the PHE approach and complements research and evaluation data.

  • KM Needs Assessment and Technical Assistance in Ethiopia

    Ethiopia FMOH KM Workshop

    Group photo of the FMOH participants that took part in the 3-day KM training workshop facilitated by K4Health and hosted by the International Institute for Primary Health Care in Ethiopia (IIfPHC-E). Credit: IIfPHC-E photographer.



    The Ethiopia Federal Ministry of Health plays a critical role in information flow. However, it often receives more information than it dispatches, which creates a situation in which information is slow to diffuse. To ensure the Ethiopian health sector’s continued progress in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals, the availability and flow of information and knowledge throughout the health sector, especially in a decentralized environment, is critical.