What is the purpose of the Toolkit?


Led by UNICEF and WHO, the Global Breastfeeding Collective (the Collective) is a partnership of 20 international organizations with the goal of increasing investment and policy change to support breastfeeding worldwide, which requires advocacy at the global, national, and sub-national levels. The Breastfeeding Advocacy Toolkit is a central platform for tools and resources for policy makers, program managers, and other stakeholders specific to the Collective’s seven policy actions.


What types of resources are included in the Toolkit?


The Toolkit includes tools and resources specific to the Collective’s seven policy actions. The Toolkit includes resources produced by the Collective, its member organizations, and other organizations to build awareness of the seven policy actions and assist in the development of initiatives to support these policy actions globally, nationally, and sub-nationally. 


The resources include guidebooks, policy briefs, educational videos, and case studies. Where possible, resources have been provided in multiple languages. 


Some briefs included in the Toolkit were prepared by various members of the Collective; they do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of all partner organizations that participate in the Collective.


Who should use this Toolkit?


This Toolkit is intended for breastfeeding advocates and all those seeking information and tools to support the Collective’s seven policy actions to promote, protect, and support breastfeeding.


How to use this Toolkit?


The Toolkit is divided into practical categories to offer quick and easy access to key tools and resources associated with each of the seven policy actions, as well as background materials and relevant case studies. 


Within each category, you will find background information providing an overview of the topic and relevant resources listed below. Resources can be filtered by year, language, and authoring organization. Each resource also includes a short description. Resources may contain several related documents or items.


You may also review all resources by clicking on “All resources".


How can I suggest a resource for this Toolkit?


To suggest a resource or case study, please contact breastfeeding@unicef.org.


How can I provide feedback on this Toolkit?


Please contact breastfeeding@unicef.org with any questions regarding the Toolkit.