Family Planning Training for Drug Shop Operators

The Drug Shop Operators Family Planning Curriculum gives a synopsis of each topic, the learning objectives for each training session, materials and preparation needed, detailed instructions for trainers, suggested adult learning methods, and suggested time for each session. The curriculum consists of three primary documents, this trainer’s guide, a reference manual and a job aids booklet.

1. Trainers Guide: For the trainers to use. Provides all the instructions about how to conduct activities and which resources are needed.

2. Reference Manual: For trainers and participants. Each participant should receive a copy at the beginning of the training. The manual provides information that DSOs need to know. It also includes materials that are used during the course activities.

3. Job Aids Booklet: For use by the DSOs at their shops. It contains job aids that support the various tasks that DSOs are expected to conduct. It will be used throughout the training as participants learn and practice new tasks.

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Uganda Ministry of Health
Uganda National Drug Authority