Expanding Community Based Access to Injectable Contraception: Results of a Pilot Study in Zambia

This report captures the results from the community-based access to Injectable Contraception (CBA2I) pilot study in Zambia.  The study examined the incremental or additive effect of Community-Based Distribution (CBD) agents providing DMPA, including: 1) their ability to provide DMPA to clients safely and effectively; 2) the acceptability of, and client satisfaction with, CBD agent delivery of depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA), including continuation rates; 3) if and how the workload of CBD agents and their supervisors changed with the addition of CBD provision of DMPA; and 4) the additional cost per couple-years of protection (CYP) of adding DMPA to the existing CBD-delivered family planning program of ChildFund Zambia, the implementing partner in the study.

FHI 360
Zambia Ministry of Health
Childfund Zambia