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Community Health Worker Provision of Injectable Contraception: An Implementation Handbook describes how to introduce injectable contraceptives to the suite of family planning services offered in an existing community-based distribution (CBD) program. The handbook details nine basic components for establishing and managing a community-based access to injectables (CBA2I) program. These components will help policy-makers and program managers determine whether and how to provide the service and then facilitate effective implementation that will pave the way for success and scale-up. It is important to recognize that the components are not chronological but interconnected and must be considered together.

This section of the toolkit addresses the components in the Implementation Handbook and provides additional tools such as curriclua, job aids, and other resources. Many of the materials located under the Implementation tab are also applicable to the pilot phase of a CBA2I program and the scale-up of a successful program.

PATH's Advocacy Pack for Subcutaneous DMPA-SC offers training and communications materials, guidance on introduction and scale up, information on self-injection, and more. Click here for resources in French.