This section of the Community-Based Access to Injectable Contraceptives Toolkit contains resources to guide research and implementing organizations through the pilot phase of a community-based access to injectables (CBA2I) program. Be sure to visit the Advocate and Implement sections of the toolkit for additional guidance on key components of a CBA2I pilot intervention. Many of the tools in these sections apply to the pilot phase of a CBA2I program.

When piloting a CBA2I program, it is important to plan and implement the intervention in a manner that facilitates scale-up if the pilot is successful. This includes establishing financial support beyond the pilot phase to allow for dissemination of results, advocacy for policy change, and scale-up of the program. From the conceptualization stage on, key stakeholders should be engaged to ensure that the intervention is simple and relevant, that the goals and expectations are clear, and that it is appropriate for the local setting. Whenever possible, a pilot should be conducted in conditions similar to those where it will eventually be scaled up if successful. During the pilot, in addition to effectiveness, the implementation process should be assessed, and lessons learned should be shared with stakeholders. The pilot phase is also the time to begin to advocate for changes in policy and service delivery guidelines to support CBA2I.