Training for Community-Based Delivery of Injectable Contraceptives (DMPA-IM)

FHI 360 and ChildFund Zambia developed this curriculum with support from USAID as part of a pilot introduction of community-based delivery of intramuscular DMPA (DMPA-IM) in Zambia as part of ChildFund's community-based family planning program. This curriculum for training community health workers to provide injectable contraceptives can be used as a sample curriculum that other programs can adapt to suit their own needs. This curriculum is intended for CHWs who have already been trained to provide family planning services in their communities (primarily oral contraceptive pills and condoms). Therefore, this curriculum includes a refresher on the full range of family planning methods and key concepts such as counseling and recordkeeping, while focusing on the safe provision of injectable contraceptives.


FHI 360
Child Fund