Community-Based Access to Injectable Contraceptives Toolkit

The Community-Based Access to Injectable Contraceptives Toolkit is a platform for strengthening the capacity of agencies and organizations to plan, implement, evaluate, promote, and scale up community-based access to injectables (CBA2I) programs and to advocate for changes to national policy and service delivery guidelines.

Information on the Global Evidence to support the practice; Country Experiences with CBA2I; Advocacy for gaining buy-in and changing policy; PilotingImplementing, and Scaling Up programs; and the organizations who are Global Leaders in CBA2I is listed under the main thematic navigation tabs above. Browse the topics by clicking on the tabs. Click on the full-text resources to open or download them to your computer. Many items in the Community-Based Access to Injectable Contraceptives Toolkit can be adapted or revised for use in specific country contexts and unique program circumstances.

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Why Community-Based Access to Injectable Contraceptives?

Community-based family planning programs typically offer condoms, oral contraceptives, and, increasingly, standard days method, and refer people to clinics for other contraceptive methods. Programs in a number of countries, however, have demonstrated that appropriately-trained community health workers (CHWs) can safely and effectively provide injectable contraceptives. Training and authorizing a wider range of providers to give injections can expand access to a woman's preferred method, reduce unmet need for family planning in hard-to-reach areas, and address the critical health workforce shortage faced by many countries.

CHWs have provided injectable contraceptives such as Depo-Provera (DMPA) in more than a dozen countries. Injectables appeal to the many women who seek a family planning method that is effective and long-acting and can be used privately. Mobilizing a range of providers to offer injectables, including CHWs, can help family planning programs meet their long-term development goals.


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Toolkit last updated: December 18, 2018