Assessment to Action: A Guide to Conducting Private Health Sector Assessments

Assessment to Action is an online tool for conducting private health sector assessments in developing countries. Understanding the private health sector’s actors and their capabilities is an essential step in engaging the sector to meet public health goals. A private sector assessment can assist key stakeholders in understanding the role the private sector plays in country and identifying areas for partnership and/or programming. By providing key data on the size, scope, and activities of the private sector, these assessments help stakeholders develop strategies, make decisions, and design programs that will maximize private sector contributions to health, and facilitate greater public-private cooperation.

The Assessment to Action guide has four objectives:

  1. Document Our Approach—Introduce a tested approach to conducting private sector health assessments.
  2. Support Ongoing Learning—Orient and train novice assessors, and promote knowledge-sharing and continued learning for experienced practitioners.
  3. Advance Practice—Document effective practices, ensure the success of future assessments, and advance knowledge in the area of private sector engagement.
  4. Galvanize Action—Ultimately, a private health sector assessment aims to encourage increased private sector involvement in health.
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