Contraceptive Security

An effective logistics system must be in place in order to ensure a steady flow of contraceptives from the manufacturer to the family planning client. An effective logistics system must get the RIGHT goods in the RIGHT quantity in the RIGHT condition to the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time and for the RIGHT cost. Many communities struggle with stock-outs of contraceptives; if CBFP programs are being considered, they must be fully integrated into the cycle of forecasting, procurement, reporting—through the logistics management information system (LMIS), and distribution.

The ultimate goal of a logistics management system is to minimize losses due to overstock, waste, expiry, damage, pilferage, and inefficiency while avoiding stock outs. This requires recording consumption/utilization data, recording the movement of supplies, and maintaining an inventory of stocked supplies.

The materials available in this section of the toolkit provide information on how to design and manage an effective logistics system to ensure that CBFP programs can reliably deliver contraceptives to the communities they serve.