Family Planning Sustainability Checklist: A Project Assessment Tool for Designing and Monitoring Sustainability of Community-based Family Planning Services

This document is designed to assist community-based family planning project planners and implementers to identify key elements to incorporate in a community family planning project to increase the likelihood of family planning services continuing beyond the project’s end. This guide includes a checklist and an outline for a facilitated workshop for use with project partners to identify strengths and weaknesses in the key systems needed to support continuity of family planning services.

The guide contains a brief introduction; purpose and objectives of the checklist; guidance on several options on how and when to use the Checklist, including how to tailor it for use in different settings; an overview of essential program elements for sustainability; two different formats of the Checklist; an overview of the workshop process and suggested timelines; and a detailed facilitator’s guide on the preparation and implementation of a workshop to conduct a group through the assessment, analysis, and action planning phases of the checklist.

50 pp
ICF International
Arscott-Mills S; Foreman M; Graham V