Policy & Advocacy

Conducting advocacy is an essential step for the introduction and scale-up of CBFP activities. CBFP programs require the buy-in of government and local officials and administrators, health program managers and providers, and community members. Additionally, development of supportive CBFP policy and service delivery guidelines contribute to the success of health programs by ensuring that service-delivery practices are understood, supported, and institutionalized throughout the health system.

This section of the CBFP Toolkit contains a range of resources that can be used or adapted to advocate for the introduction of CBFP and develop supportive CBFP policy and service delivery guidelines. Including examples policy and service delivery guidelines from Kenya and Uganda.

There are also several key documents that summarize the evidence for different CBFP approaches. For example, the widely-endorsed brief on the conclusions from the WHO technical consultation and series of High Impact Practices (HIP) briefs on the different CBFP approaches are all powerful advocacy tools for task sharing and CBFP, particularly when engaging high-level decision makers.


The resources in this section focus on community-based FP. To access general family planning advocacy materials, please visit the Family Planning Advocacy Toolkit.