Family Planning Vouchers: A Tool to Boost Contraceptive Method Access and Choice

This brief describes how vouchers can be used to enhance high impact practices in family planning (HIPs) by addressing specific barriers to accessing and using contraception. It also discusses the potential contributions of vouchers to enhancing the quality and voluntary use of contraceptive services, outlines key issues for planning and implementation, and identifies knowledge gaps.
Vouchers have been identified as a HIP enhancement by the HIP technical advisory group. A HIP enhancement is a tool or approach that is not a standalone practice, but it is often used in conjunction with HIPs to maximize the impact of HIP implementation or increase the reach and access for specific audiences. The intended purpose and impact of enhancements are focused, and therefore the evidence-base and impact of a HIP enhancement is subjected to different standards than a HIP. While there is some evidence and programmatic experience implementing voucher programs, more research and documentation is needed to better understand the potential and limitations of this approach.
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High-Impact Practices in Family Planning (HIPs)