Male Condoms

© 2002 David Alexander, Courtesy of PhotoshareThis section of the Condom Use Toolkit provides key facts about male condoms, as well as a selection of resources offering basic information about how male condoms offer protection from unwanted pregnancy, HIV, and other sexually transmitted infections.

  • Male condoms are sheaths, often made of thin latex rubber, which fit over a man’s erect penis.
  • A male condom forms a barrier that keeps sperm from entering the vagina, preventing pregnancy and the transmission of infections.
  • For greatest effectiveness, condoms must be used correctly with every act of sex. Risk of pregnancy and STIs is greatest when condoms are not used consistently.
  • When condoms are used correctly and consistently, about 2 pregnancies per 100 women occur over the first year.
  • With typical use, about 15 pregnancies per 100 women occur over the first year.
  • Correct and consistent condom use prevents 80% to 95% of HIV transmissions that would have occurred without condoms.