Policies & Guidelines

International consensus holds that comprehensive condom programming is the best approach to both family planning and the prevention of HIV and other STIs.  A national condom policy that includes both male and female condoms is a key element of an effective condom program. This policy should not only provide guidance for integrating female and male condoms into national HIV/AIDS and reproductive health guidelines and programs but also outline the steps that must be taken to improve access to and use of condoms throughout the country.  

The SUPPORT division of The Female Health Company, a team of health professionals that is specialized in FC2 female condom programming and training, has identified the following key components of a national condom strategy:

  • A review of the existing HIV/AIDS and reproductive health policies and strategies into which the national condom strategy will be integrated.
  • A situation review, which explores the current state of condom activities and needs within a country.
  • An action plan or framework which includes indicators, targets, and a monitoring and evaluation plan.
  • A work plan that includes a timeline and delegation of responsibilities to guide implementation of the action plan.

This section of the Condom Use Toolkit contains up-to-date information on funding for condom programs, guidance and tools for developing condom policies and strategic plans, and a selection of national and regional condom policies. Use the navigation menu on the right side of this page to access these resources.

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