Service Delivery

Service delivery providers must not only be able to counsel clients on condom use as a family planning and HIV prevention option but also be technically competent in determining medical eligibility, properly storing and managing condom inventory, ensuring clients understand how to properly use condoms, and promoting condom use to the community. Health service providers must possess a range of knowledge and skills to effectively meet each client’s unique needs.

The Service Delivery section of the Condom Use Toolkit contains counseling tools, job aids, service delivery guidelines, and other reference materials to help service providers:
  • Determine whether a client is medically eligible to use female or male condoms
  • Counter myths and misinformation about condoms and other contraceptive methods with effective counseling messages
  • Counsel clients on condom use for family planning, HIV prevention, and dual protection (that is, protection against both unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV)
  • Instruct clients on how to use female and male condoms correctly and consistently
  • Coach clients on how to develop partner communication and condom negotiation skills
  • Meet the unique reproductive health needs of people living with HIV
  • Create an environment in which clients are confident and comfortable accessing condoms and other contraceptive and HIV prevention supplies

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