Formative Assessment of Emergency Contraception Provision at the Community Level in Uganda

Advancing Partners & Communities (APC), in collaboration with WellShare International and FHI 360, conducted a formative assessment of emergency contraception provision through community health, called village health teams (VHT members), in Uganda. The assessment was designed to identify problems associated with the distribution of emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs) by VHT members to improve the integration of this post-coital contraceptive method into existing communitybased family planning (CBFP) programs. Four geographically and socially diverse districts in the Central, Southwest, Eastern, and West Nile Regions of Uganda were selected to participate in the assessment, which included interviews with: VHT members (n=23); family planning (FP) clients who had ever used ECPs (n=20); potential users of ECPs (n=60); key informants (KIs) at the national and district levels (n=37); and focus group discussions (FDGs) (n=16) with men and women from communities in the assessment area. 
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