Program Management

A painted sign on the side of a building in the Henequenera zone of Yucatan, Mexico advertises emergency contraception. © 2005 Arlette Gautier, Courtesy of PhotoshareManagement of emergency contraceptive programming, as with any other health care programming, involves effective organization to ensure smooth operation. This section of the Emergency Contraception Toolkit provides resources to help program managers to fulfill essential management functions, including:

  • Guidance for introducing and mainstreaming emergency contraceptives in a variety of contexts in a manner that is responsive to diverse needs and resource availability.
  • A brief that explores the use of social marketing to increase access to emergency contraception.
  • Information on the regulation, procurement, and distribution of progestin-only emergency contraceptive pills, and information on providing combined oral contraceptives as non-dedicated emergency contraceptive pills. An effective and efficient logistics system that can ensure continuous availability of the commodities needed is critical for the success of any family planning program, including those that offer emergency contraceptive pills. 
  • A nine-step framework for designing and introducing an emergency contraception program.

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