ExpandNet/WHO Scaling-up Tools and Resources

ExpandNet, in collaboration with WHO, has produced several guidance documents based on literature reviews and the extensive experience of its members. These tools are intended for policy makers, program managers, funders, project staff, and those providing technical assistance to scaling-up initiatives. They have been used to support country teams to develop scaling up strategies, manage the scaling-up process, and guide research. The tools have also been used to assist country teams to build scaling-up capacity in national and local workshops as well as in seminars for international agencies and NGOs.

Beginning with the end in mind: Planning pilot projects and other programmatic research for successful scaling up

This ExpandNet/WHO guidance document provides 12 recommendations and a checklist to help build scaling-up considerations into projects at the design stage. It helps ensures that projects provide not only proof of concept but also demonstrate feasibility of implementation in the local context.

Nine steps for developing a scaling-up strategy

ExpandNet/WHO has published a nine-step guide in English, French and Spanish to assist with the process of developing a scaling-up strategy. This document has been used in a facilitated process of strategy development with program/project managers from a range of countries including Guatemala, Kyrgyzstan, Madagascar, Mali, Peru, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Yunnan, China.

The Nine Step Guide can be used together with a set of worksheets in a participatory process of strategy development. The worksheets contain detailed questions related to the steps of the strategy development process. Recommendations that arise from answering these questions provide the building blocks of the scaling-up strategy.

A brief is available that lays out how ExpandNet has applied the Nine Step Guide and worksheets in a facilitated, participatory process with key stakeholders. The brief discusses the experience and some lessons learned in providing technical assistance in the process of scaling-up strategy development in eight countries.

Practical guidance for scaling up health service innovations

This ExpandNet/WHO document provides a comprehensive overview of scaling up. It focuses on how to strategically plan and manage the scaling-up process. It provides three case studies from Asia, Africa and Latin America that illustrate various scaling up concepts.

ExpandNet/WHO book with scaling-up framework and country case studies

This book, published by WHO, contains papers written by ExpandNet members which were originally presented at a Bellagio 2003 conference. It presents a framework for scaling up based on a literature review, and seven country case studies from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

20 Questions to guide development of retrospective case studies in scaling up

Documentation of the process of scaling up, as opposed to that of outcomes, is rare. ExpandNet, together with MSI, has produced guidance to support development of retrospective case studies, with such a focus. It consists of 20 questions that guide systematic analysis of the process of scaling up and can help facilitate a comparative analysis of different cases. It is helpful to use this tool together with other ExpandNet documents when preparing case studies of scaling up.