ExpandNet/WHO Toolkit for Scaling Up Health Innovations

A set of resources to help public health professionals to:

  1. design pilot projects and other implementation research to facilitate future scale up
  2. develop a scaling up strategy for successfully tested interventions
  3. strategically manage the scaling-up process
  4. access publications and other scaling-up resources

ExpandNet is a global network of public health professionals seeking to advance the practice and science of scaling up successful health innovations tested in pilot, experimental and demonstration projects. It grows out of the implementation of the WHO-sponsored Strategic Approach. While originally based on experience in the field of reproductive and primary health care, ExpandNet's tools and expertise are proving relevant for a range of interventions in global health.

This toolkit contains:

  • Background information about ExpandNet
  • The various tools published by ExpandNet/WHO to support successful scaling up of health innovations
  • A linked bibliography of resources and publications on scaling up from several fields and disciplines
Toolkit last updated: March 26, 2013