Addressing Contraceptive Stock-Outs Caused by Procurement Delays in Tanzania

This case study describes the advocacy efforts behind a major change in how the Tanzanian government purchases contraceptives. The change, which was prompted by a recommendation from the National Contraceptive Security Committee, should eliminate or reduce delays in delivery of consignments and timely responses to emergency requirements for commodities. Previously, family planning commodities were purchased through a cumbersome annual tendering process, which often resulted in stock-outs in facilities. Under the new system, suppliers are identified once, and contracts can last up to three years. The Advance Family Planning initiative, along with government officials and family planning service providers, worked through the Contraceptive Security Committee to make the change, which went into effect in September 2013. This case study is part of a series to showcase the advocacy activities behind a “quick win” or policy advancement.

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Advance Family Planning/headquarters and Tanzania, Partners in Population and Development/Africa Regional Office, and Health Promotion Tanzania