Evidence Briefs & Fact Sheets

© 2010 Anil Gulati, Courtesy of PhotoshareHanding a decision maker a 50-page report or a spreadsheet full of data is not the most effective way to use evidence to advocate for voluntary family planning. While family planning advocacy messages should be based on science, they should also be clear, concise, eye-catching and targeted to the interests of your particular audience. Distilling data into engaging briefs, fact sheets, frequently asked questions, presentations and other forms of communication is not always a simple task. Luckily, several trusted organizations work tirelessly to collect and then translate global, country-specific and local family planning and reproductive health data into short, reader-friendly publications for use by advocates around the world.

This section of the Toolkit offers a collection of the latest population, family planning, and maternal and child health data summaries from leading organizations including Guttmacher Institute, Population Reference Bureau, and Save the Children. This collection is continually updated to include the most current editions of these publications, many of which are released annually.

For evidence briefs and other materials describing the links between family planning and other development issues, including health, economics, the environment, food security, education and poverty reduction, please visit the Linking Family Planning & Development section of the Toolkit.

If you have a family planning advocacy brief or message that is not represented in this Toolkit, please share your suggestions by filling out our feedback form.