M&E Guides

© 2007 Farah Riaz, Courtesy of PhotoshareThe guides in this section of the Toolkit can be useful at every step of M&E planning and implementation. Resources that provide early planning and design guidance include A User’s Guide to Advocacy Planning by the Harvard Family Research Project and A Practical Guide to Advocacy Evaluation by the Innovation Network, Inc. A resource focused specifically on developing an impact plan or theory of change is The Super Duper Impact Planning Guide by the Partnership Initiative of the International Budget Partnership. This document may prove especially useful to advocates focusing on family planning budget issues.

Resources for more comprehensive planning include UNICEF’s Monitoring and Evaluating Advocacy and specialized documents such as Unique Methods in Advocacy Evaluation by the Innovation Network, Inc.  Other resources focus on measurement related to specific types of advocacy activities such as the Guide to Monitoring and Evaluating Health Information Products and Services by the Center for Communication Programs at Johns Hopkins University; Champions and ‘Champion-ness’: Measuring Efforts to Create Champions for Policy Change by the Center for Evaluation Innovation; and The Policy Implementation Assessment Tool by the USAID | Health Policy Initiative. Those engaged in efforts to advocate for voluntary family planning may find the conceptual framework produced by the USAID-funded MEASURE Evaluation project particularly useful in M&E planning.

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