Policy Commitments and Calls to Action

The resources in this section of the Toolkit include international documents as well as regional calls to action that shed light on:© 2004 Bruce Coyne, Courtesy of Photoshare

  • Promises governments, donors and others have made to ensure greater availability and accessibility of family planning services
  • Rationales behind these commitments
  • Recommended actions

These resources include global initiatives such as the July 2012 London Summit on Family Planning and the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development Beyond 2014 review  as well as more regional efforts such as the 2011 Call to Action for Francophone West Africa. Advocates can use these resources in a number of ways. These documents could prove useful for calling on government decision makers to deliver on their international or regional commitments. Advocates may also analyze any disparities between commitments and actions and bring these to the attention of relevant decision makers.

If you wish to suggest a policy resource for inclusion in the Family Planning Advocacy Toolkit or to share your experience advocating for family planning, please fill out our feedback form.