Tanzanian NGOs and Government Open Door to Improve Contraceptive Supply System

This brief case study describes the advocacy effort behind a new initiative in Tanzania to help ensure contraceptives reach communities more easily, quickly, and regularly. In 2012, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare authorized new guidelines allowing non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to access commodities directly from the government-run Medical Stores Department. Previously, NGO facilities needed approval of District Medical Officers to receive supplies for outreach activities. Under this arrangement, NGOs routinely received fewer supplies than they needed. The collaborative advocacy effort behind the new guidelines entailed analyzing barriers, building a rationale, and conducting technical meetings with government officials to formulate guidelines for the Ministry’s approval. This case study is part of a series to showcase the advocacy activities behind a “quick win” or policy advancement.

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4 pp
Advance Family Planning/headquarters and Tanzania, Partners in Population and Development/Africa Regional Office, and Health Promotion Tanzania