Data Sources & Translation Tools

© 2012 Kim Blessing/JHU CCP, Courtesy of PhotoshareFamily planning advocates must be able to translate family planning data into key messages that are meaningful to the target audience. These key messages can include describing the health, social, economic, environmental and other benefits of voluntary family planning. In this manner, advocacy messages that are evidence-based can be presented to policy makers, donors and other decision makers who can then expand access to evidence-based family planning services.

This section of the Toolkit offers sources for family planning and reproductive health data as well as tools for making projections and for analyzing and illustrating data using tables, charts, maps and other graphics. The Population Reference Bureau's Visual Products even offers ready-made presentations that advocates can adapt for their own use. These resources can help family planning advocates ensure their messages are evidence-based and engaging.

Do you have a resource for family planning data analysis and use that is not represented in this Toolkit? To suggest an additional tool or share your perspective, please fill out our feedback form.