Liberia: Job Aid for Vaccinators

This strategically designed job aid for vaccinators highlights key immunization and family planning messages for vaccinators to share one-on-one with clients during each routine infant immunization contact at the health facility.

The approach employed by MCHIP and the Liberia MOHSW involved vaccinators providing a few short, targeted family planning and immunization messages and same-day family planning referrals to mothers bringing their infants to the health facility for routine immunization. The emphasis of the approach was co-located provision of same-day services, with the vaccinators serving as the critical referral link between points of service delivery. This model involves the following components:

  • During routine infant immunization sessions, at the completion of each immunization visit, vaccinators use a simple job aid to share brief, targeted FP and immunization messages one-on-one (not through group health talks) with mothers and refer them to the co-located FP room for more in-depth FP counseling and services. The job aid includes messages about healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy, benefits of FP for women with infants less than one year of age, and a reminder about the return date for the child’s next EPI visit.
  • Women who are interested in seeking FP services on the same day are given a referral card, their names are recorded in a supplemental ledger, and they are directed to the FP room by the vaccinator.
  • Women who are not interested in seeking FP on the same day are given a leaflet with information about the benefits of FP for the health of the mother, father, and infant, and are encouraged to discuss FP with their partners, other family members, and/or friends and return to the facility soon for FP.
  • FP providers collect referral card from those women referred from immunization services and document the referrals in their FP ledgers.
  • Posters emphasizing the message that “family planning is good for baby ma” are placed throughout the clinic, including at the immunization station and FP room. As part of the steps listed on the job aid, the vaccinator points out the poster to mothers. Posters also help to guide referred clients from the vaccination station to the FP room.
  • Immunization services at fixed facilities (as opposed to outreach services) were identified as the primary integration platform, given that in Liberia, fixed facility services cover a greater proportion of infants and service provision tends to be more stable and consistent. Fixed facilities also permit a greater degree of privacy—which stakeholders viewed as a particularly sensitive point with regard to contraceptive use by mothers of young infants.

[See also the Liberia Final Assessment Report for findings from this initiative. Page 2 of the report highlights the key steps involved in the process.]