M&E and Research Tools

A robust monitoring and evaluation system is required to assess the effect of integrated service delivery on both family planning and immunization services. Appropriate indicators, data collection systems, and data analysis to support decision-making help guide successful implementation of integrated services and measure the effect on both service delivery and use of services.

It is essential that integrated programs monitor key indicators for both immunization and family planning in a timely manner. The collection and monitoring of key immunization indicators is especially important to ensure that integrating family planning with existing immunization services does not have a negative impact on immunization service performance or use.

This section of the toolkit includes guidance documents and tools to guide monitoring and evaluation of integrated family planning and immunization service delivery. The document "Key Considerations for Monitoring and Evaluating Family Planning and Immunization Integration Activities," developed by the Family Planning and Immunization Integration Working Group, highlights recommended indicators, priority research questions, and key considerations for monitoring and evaluating family planning and immunization integration activities.

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