The Working Group

The Family Planning and Immunization Integration Working Group, initiated in 2010, is co-hosted by MCSP and Pathfinder. Working Group members include representatives from a variety of institutions and countries.  To join the Working Group, please sign up through the Family Planning and Immunization Integration Community of Practice site on Knowledge Gateway, or email Chelsea Cooper ( or Kathryn Mimno (  

The Working Group's Mission is "To share lessons and guidance from field experiences and research initiatives on optimal ways to link or combine family planning & immunization services in facilities and communities, so that the reach and effectiveness of both interventions are enhanced."  The Working Group holds semi-annual meetings in Washington DC to share program learning and collaborate on working group deliverables.

Key Working Group accomplishments to-date include:

  • Developed a Community of Practice for sharing FP/Immunization integration resources 
  • Developed and disseminated an advocacy brief on FP/Immunization integration
  • Developed FP/Immunization bibliography to highlight key FP/Immunization research and program experiences
  • Provided leadership and technical guidance for development of new online map documenting FP/Immunization field experiences; worked with USAID to transition to new K4H HIP platform
  • Co-hosted online forum on FP/Immunization integration (summer 2011)
  • Provided leadership and technical guidance for development of family planning High Impact Practices (HIP) brief on FP/Immunization integration
  • Formulated sub-groups
  • Presented at conferences and meetings (e.g. Global Health Conference, USG-sponsored MNCH-FP-Nutrition Integration Consultation, and Global Health Mini-Universities)
  • Initiated development of this FP & Immunization Integration Toolkit

What is the Working Group moving toward?

  • Continuing to identify effective models for sustainable integration
  • Improving accessibility to, and dissemination of, key resources and program learning
  • Supporting more proactive efforts to link organizations working on FP/immunization activities and connect field staff
  • Promoting engagement and learning exchange at national and regional levels
  • Identifying and engaging champions at national/regional/global levels
  • Advocating for documentation of effect of integration on immunization outcomes
  • Helping to shape research agenda
  • Advocating for additional funding in this area
  • Encouraging active, ongoing involvement of WG members, including additional immunization colleagues
This section of the toolkit includes Working Group meeting reports and other documents.