Country Experiences: Approaches to Logistics System Improvement

In Nairobi, Kenya, a facility in-charge uses her phone and a system job aid to submit a monthly CDRR (consumption data report and request form) to the Tupange SMS commodity tracking system (TSCTS). © 2014 John Kihoro/Tupange(Jhpiego Kenya), Courtesy of PhotoshareThis section of the Toolkit provides descriptions of various approaches to logistics system improvement implemented in particular countries. These case studies and briefs include countries' experiences using a total market approach, web-based logistics management information systems, collaboration with other countries, and supply chain integration to strengthen contraceptive security. These experiences illustrate the positive impact a successful logistics system can have on a country's health and related outcomes. Learning about what worked--and what did not-- in these countries can inform the design, assessment, and improvement of other countries' logistics systems.