Financial Tracking

The content in the Financial Tracking section of the Family Planning Logistics Toolkit was developed and originally published by the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT.

Adequate funding for contraceptives and related commodities is critical for ensuring access to a full range of family planning services. The guide Enhancing Contraceptive Security through Better Financial Tracking can help you improve the tracking of financing for contraceptives to ensure that decisionmakers have timely information to do the following:

  • Monitor trends
  • Understand funding gaps
  • Follow finance processes
  • Mobilize resources for contraceptives.

While the examples here are based on contraceptive finance tracking, these processes can be used for a range of health commodities.

This online guide features highlights from the full guide, templates, and additional resources and examples.

Getting Started with the Online Financial Tracking Toolkit

Current status This guide can help you
Do you clearly understand why you are tracking? 

Are you focused specifically on tracking stock status, supply plan, individual shipments, or more broadly, budgeting and release of funds?
Define clearly your tracking objectives
Does your tracking team include the appropriate members? Identify tracking team members
Have you defined which commodities to track? Decide which commodities to track
Have you done a clear and comprehensive mapping of the financing players and decisionmakers? Comprehensively identify and categorize the financing players
To what extent are you collecting appropriate information on procurement requirements, commitments, and spending?  Determine what data to collect and what information gaps may exist
Do you regularly carry out analyses of procurement requirements, commitments and spending?  

Do your analyses meet the needs of decisionmakers and advocates?
Identify and carry out appropriate analyses
Do all stakeholders understand all key financing and procurement processes? Map all key financing and procurement processes
Are you disseminating tracking results effectively? Use your information for advocacy and decisionmaking