Map the Financing Players

Once the tracking team has been put together, and the list of commodities to track agreed upon, the team should list the key agencies and organizational units that make up the contraceptive financing system. We suggest using the national health accounts (NHA) financing framework as the starting point.

1. Identify the main financing schemes for contraceptives.

Through health care financing schemes, people can get financial access to health care. Three broad categories of financing schemes are:

  • Government schemes and compulsory contributory healthcare financing schemes
  • Voluntary healthcare payment schemes
  • Household out-of-pocket payment schemes.

See Identify the Main Financing Schemes for Contraceptives for more detail on the various schemes. Use the template worksheet for Defining Contraceptive Financing Schemes in Your Country

2. Map financing agents for contraceptives.

Agents are the institutions that manage and operate the financing schemes, collect the revenue, and/or purchase contraceptives and other commodities. 

The table Financing Agents for Main Types of Financing Schemes and Classification of Agents lists financing agents for revenue collection and for purchasing contraceptives.

Use the template Financing Agents by Main Financing Scheme.

3. Map financing sources.

Funding sources for contraceptives provide revenues for the healthcare financing schemes. The table Common Sources of Contraceptive Financing, by Type lists the main sources of revenue, grouped into three main categories: public funds, private funds, and foreign direct transfers. 

Use the template Sources of Finance by Scheme.

4. Combine information on financing schemes, agents, and sources.

Use the template Financing Schemes by Sources and Agents to organize all of the information in one place. Using the major schemes as the unit of analysis, the team should be able to make a preliminary sketch of the financing framework, as can be seen in the example below. 

Country Example of Contraceptive Financing