Map the Funding Processes

This section focuses on the processes by which funds flow and how you can influence these processes. Understanding the financing processes will help your team track and influence spending more effectively.

1. Describe the steps in the funding process.

For each funding source, your team can map the funding processes, including the timing and decisionmakers for each step (Interview Guide for Collecting Information on the Financing Processes and Worksheet for Describing Steps in the Contraceptive Financing Process). 

2. Identify advocacy entry points.

Once you know the funding processes, you will be able to identify advocacy entry points for mobilizing and utilizing funds for procuring contraceptives. This guide includes support for the first three steps in an advocacy process:

  1. Define the issue or problem.
  2. Set an advocacy goal or objective.
  3. Identify target audiences for the advocacy.

Use Worksheet for Identifying Advocacy Entry Points in the Contraceptive Financing Process to organize your information for each step of the funding process, along with the potential bottleneck and possible advocacy goal. The completed template will look like the example below.

Illustrative Process for Releasing Contraceptive Procurement Funds to MOH
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