Assessment, Monitoring, & Evaluation

A pharmacy technician in the Amhara Region, Ethiopia, uses a computer to monitor medicine stock. © 2013 SC4CCM/JSI, Courtesy of PhotoshareTo succeed, a family planning program needs an uninterrupted supply of a variety of contraceptives so that clients can choose and use their preferred method without interruption. Successful programs provide contraceptive security—that is they ensure that people are able to choose, obtain, and use high quality contraceptives whenever they want them. Continual assessment, monitoring, and evaluation of supply chain processes and outcomes can help ensure contraceptive security.

This section of the Toolkit includes a variety of indicators, software, and tools to help programs measure contraceptive security, assess policies that affect contraceptive security, track contraceptive financing and financial processes, assess the functionality of the supply chain, evaluate logistics system performance, and plan and monitor optimal procurement and delivery schedules for health commodities. You can also find case studies and briefs that share country experiences tracking supply chain costs and finances.

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