Promising Practices: Service Delivery and Utilization

This is Brief # 5 in the Promising Practices in Supply Chain Management series, which aims to share some of the promising practices and tested solutions from Every Women Every Child (EWEC) countries. The promising practices in these briefs provide ministries of health and their partners with specific guidance on ways in which other EWEC countries have addressed specific supply chain barriers and challenges. Although the focus of this series is on improving access to the 13 life-saving commodities identified by the Commission, the Supply and Awareness TRT has adopted a holistic approach to in-country supply chain strengthening. A strong supply chain design, as illustrated in the examples and case studies included in this document, supports the availability of all commodities, including the priority commodities named by the Commission.

This series of briefs focuses on five key domains and two cross-cutting areas, documenting more than 30 proven or promising practices and related case studies.


19 pp
Management Sciences for Health