Facility & Service Assessment Tools

When facility space needs to be reorganized to accommodate FP/HIV services, program managers should work with community members to plan the changes. Some of the tools in this section of the toolkit can help program managers assess facility space available for integrated services. Materials are also available for assessing the feasibility of, preparedness for, and quality of integrated services. In addition, tools exist to help with implementing long-term monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems to support continual quality of care and ensure that programs and services are meeting the range of clients’ FP/HIV needs. The type of integration that is feasible and the manner in which FP and HIV services will be delivered depends to a large extent on the capacity of the facility offering those services. Program planners can conduct facility assessments to help determine the appropriate level of service integration in a given setting. A facility assessment should examine:

  • Human resource capacity
  • The physical organization of the facility
  • The strength and organization of existing services
  • Client flow and volume
  • The financial resources available
  • Community outreach