Family Planning/HIV Integration Quality Assurance Tool

This tool is designed to assess the extent to which facilities offering integrated family planning (FP) and HIV services are meeting basic minimum standards for the provision of quality FP services, identify any gaps in the provision of integrated services, and serve as a starting point for improving FP service delivery. While FP/HIV integration may occur in any HIV or FP service delivery setting, this assessment tool is intended to be used in HIV service delivery settings that have integrated family planning into the constellation of HIV services they provide. An HIV site would be considered an integrated FP/HIV service delivery site if they also offer: 
FP education and screening 
Counseling for specific FP methods 
Provision of FP methods or a referral for FP methods not available on-site or on the same day 
This document contains a brief introduction, guidance on how and when the tool should be used, the assessment tool in both excel and printable formats, a results dashboard that shows how the facility scored in each section, guidance on how to interpret your scores, resources for further reading, and a template for creating an action plan to improve the quality of services provided at the site based on the assessment results. 
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