Service Delivery

FP and HIV services can be integrated in a variety of settings at both the facility level and in community-based programs. Venues for integration might include primary health care facilities, specialized clinics such as maternal and child health or FP clinics, HIV counseling and testing centers, mobile clinics, and home-based care programs.

Within these settings, there are two main types of FP/HIV integration service delivery models.

  • Integrating FP services into HIV programs, including HIV counseling and testing programs; PMTCT programs; or HIV care, treatment, and support settings
  • Integrating HIV counseling, testing, and treatment services into FP clinics or community-based FP programs

This section of this Toolkit offers materials that will support providers and managers to deliver high quality and effective services in both settings, including counseling tools and job aids, and guidelines and reference materials. These resources provide guidance on decisions about where and how to integrate FP/HIV services, as well as tools to help providers work effectively with clients across the spectrum of their needs. For more information and tools for strengthening linkages between FP and HIV services, please visit the Strengthening Linkages Between Family Planning & HIV Services page in the Program Management section of the Toolkit.

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