SRH & HIV Linkages Resource Pack

This resource pack aims to build a common understanding of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and HIV linkages and provide an overview of the current status of SRH and HIV linkages among key partners. It contains useful resources for organizations advocating for this issue.

These materials are generic products of the Interagency Working Group on SRH & HIV Linkages and are designed to suit a variety of audiences and purposes. As the SRH and HIV linkages agenda is a dynamic field, this pack is a ‘living’ document that is meant to be modified and adapted to respond to changing needs.

This resource pack is not an exhaustive inventory of resources, and is not designed to provide details on all programming aspects of this field.

It is targeted towards policy makers, advocates and programme managers from national governments, international and national non-governmental organizations, United Nations agencies, and donors.

InterAgency Working Group on SRH & HIV Linkages