© 2004 Ian Oliver, Courtesy of PhotoshareYoung people, especially those who are sexually active or living with HIV, need a variety of services, including family planning and HIV counseling, testing, and care. Health facilities serving youth might offer one primary service or a variety of services in separate units, or they might use a referral system. As a result, many young people who are at risk of both unwanted pregnancy and HIV might receive only one service while related needs are not met.

Research has demonstrated that integrated services provided in a single setting for young people are feasible and desirable. The materials explore the successes and lessons learned from a number of youth-focused program models, including dual protection counseling, integrated education, linking reproductive health services to youth-friendly HIV counseling and testing, adolescent-friendly prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) services, and reproductive health services for adolescent girls living with HIV.

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